Windshield Replace

If you’ve got a cracked or shattered windshield Seattle Auto Glass is equipped to come out and replace it on the spot. We know you’ll be satisfied with our quality service and timely response, dial (206) 535-1484 now!


If your windshield doesn’t actually have a crack yet, we may be able to repair it for you. When you need the best and cheapest solutions, we’re here to help and advise.


To see if your crack is repairable, hold a dollar bill up to the crack.  If the crack is smaller than the bill, then it’s easily repairable.  Call us now!

Customer Service

Seattle Auto Glass believes that a business is only as good as its customer service. We work hard to provide the best care in the friendliest way possible.


We know that in any kind of auto problem, time is of the essence. That’s why from the moment we get your call we’re moving fast to get your auto glass work done.


We carry the largest stock of auto glass in the area and have the contacts to get auto glass we don’t have in right away.  You can count on us to get the job done faster than anyone else!